Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

a little piece of luck (tracking)

sometimes problems are easy to solve, but sometimes they are not.
I've been living this life for almost 18 years, until one day I got an amazing 'education' about this life.
I got my own theory about "luck".

sometimes you're tired of living this life, the word "suck" or "dammit" comes around your ears, from your grumbling mouth.
I knew it, well. wishing that God would give you a tougher heart, mind and spirits.
but this time, something unique happens to me almost everytime I found my life sucks its dark moments. or let's call it "bad luck".

I found myself in a horrible situation. I had my brother ruined my day (I won't tell you its specifics) and some of my external problems in school are almost burn my heart to death.
I guess you know how does it feels like, when your closest siblings are so annoying while you're in a really bad mood.
'I just can't bear this anymore', I was yelling to myself in that moment.
I ran to my bedroom, and a blast of tears running down to my cheeks. I swear I will never forgive anyone for today, anyone with faults even for those who have been so kind to me! and then, believe it or not, miracles are happening!!
starts from the time since I spoke those self-promise with tear-blasters, lucks are coming so fast.
everyone's acting so weird. weird, I said weird. they are so kind to me.
and one more, foods and pleasures also in.
I don't why but it's been happening for hundred times!
you may try this on your life.
enjoy this trick; luck tracker